Getting to the office from Jackson road
From inside Ann Arbor, you can head out Jackson Road (which comes from Huron street closer to downtown).
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Head down Jackson road away from town (west): here you've crossed Stadium and are passing Zingerman's Roadhouse and Westgate shopping center.

You will now be headed west (away from downtown) and cross under I-94.

Then cross over Wagner road and enter Scio township (if it weren't for this sign, you probably wouldn't know you're in Scio)

After you pass the Quality 16 theater, you will come up on the Ann Arbor Auto Mall and the Lexus dealership. Turn away from them (left) onto Parkland Plaza

The is the signage for Parkland Plaza (not so easy to spot)

Here's the same signs, zoomed in.

This is the entrance to Parkland Plaza: you are turning left on to it

The second right on Parkland Plaza is Little Lake Drive, turn here.

The second driveway on the right has this big rock: turn in here, 210 Little Lake drive.

My office is in the second building in the middle...