It's raining lead!

It seems like the cascade of lead in products on our store shelves never ends: paint, toys from China, lunch boxes, supplements from China. Now we've got another source of lead coming from right here in this country: lipstick. Of the name-brand lipsticks tested over half had significant levels of lead and a third of the lipsticks had more lead than is currently allowed to be in candy (I didn't realize they allow lead in candy...). You can read the full report here.
So, add this to the pile of sources of lead exposure and stir it with the
research that came out last year showing that lead exposure at levels way below what was considered toxic increased heart attacks. How many other things does it impact? No one's done the research.
The best thing to do is protect yourself by minimizing your exposure, taking plenty of vitamin C and consider removing what lead there is with
proven chelating agents.