Integrative Pediatrician new in town

I had the pleasure the other night of having dinner with Richard Linsk MD, a pediatrician who has recently opened an office here in Ann Arbor on south Main street. He's focusing on the treatment of autism and ASD, and does general pediatrics. He used to be in the University of Michigan health system, but as he started doing more treatment of autism he invoked the ire of the systems' autism "specialists" (who don't seem to do much more then sedate the kids) and has had to branch out on his own.
In talking with him that evening, I came to appreciate his tremendous honesty. Not only is he honest about his own limitations (an unusual feat in most doctors), but his honest perception of the shortcomings of conventional treatment are what drove him to expand into functional medicine and other modalities.
During dinner, I realized that he was one of the pediatricians I had rotated with in medical school (over 8 years ago). He was working out of a small building with a couple other pediatricians and I ended up spending most of my time there with him. Something about him made me think I had the most to learn from him, and in retrospect I think some of it was his willingness to seek the truth despite the pressure of being harried with a full (over) load of patients and those annoying medical students.
In addition to his regular office visits, he offers HBOT in roomy chambers (that you can rent out) and single-reagent immunizations. His website is