Challenge to mammography screening before 50.

The American College of Physicians noticed that all those mammograms in younger women may not be a good idea. This article doesn't mention the downsides like compression possibly rupturing tumor capsules or high radiation exposure from mammograms (which increase the risk of breast cancer, particularly in women at high risk). They did also admit that mammograms cannot prevent most breast cancer deaths. So, the final recommendation is that women 40-49 should discuss it with their doctors. If only more doctors knew about alternatives like thermography.

Thermography web site up!

After a month of tinkering and slaving away, I finally have a workable website for Ann Arbor Thermography. Please stop by and check it out. There's a contact page there where you can tell me what you think. I also have 2 other domain names that point to the same place: and Use whichever is easiest for you.

Thermography is here!

Last weekend we went out to pick up and get trained on our new thermography equipment. I was floored by how sensitive it can be. I now have all the equipment up and running, so you can call and set up your appointments. We'll start only doing thermography on Fridays until we need to add more days. The number to call for thermography is 734-332-6290, which is still answered by the same people and you'll still come to the same office.
If you're wondering what screening thermography can do, it is a great way to do
non-invasive breast cancer screening (more info here) (preferably in addition to mammography, but also for people who don't tolerate mammography or for whom mammography otherwise isn't a good idea), find the source of pain and look for other irregularities. You can learn more here (yes, it's in New Zealand, but it's a great compendium of quality information) until I get my own information pages set up.